The push against protecting yourself from experimental money policy (and against cash) intensifies

We warned back in March that there is a War on Cash looming.

Rogoff with his first book in a while is pushing for mostly cashless society because it improves state power over individuals right to privacy that might be used by criminals… And because it further enables central bank policy makers to loot from you and  your decisions to put money where they don’t want it.

Here is an interview with Rogoff defending his points:

And here is Jim Grant’s evisceration of those same points:

Eventually they will push it to fruition, as they have been gaining momentum in Europe and other ares of the world by eliminating large denomination notes.   Soon enough the ultimate scourge — gold and probably silver — will be in their sights.  Anything to prevent you from having a choice  in the matter of what they inflict upon you with their policy.