Monthly Archives: February 2016

The Heir to the Fed’s Errors

Jim Grant with the Daniela Cambone at KITCO last week. Particular gems are that he defines the present environment as the “Ph.D. Standard of monetary management”, which is a regime where tenured economics faculty have been given the reigns to set their know-it-all theories loose in the wild via the world’s monetary policy.   According to …

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Quote of the Day

“The political class has completely disrupted the American structure of production, made American workers uncompetitive, snuffed the life out of entrepreneurs, and burdened the entire nation with a debt obligation the size of Jupiter. The US economy is not the strongest and most durable in the world — it is an unskilled thirty-two-year-old waiter crashing …

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A collapse is baked into the cake

John Hussman can sound a bit like a broken record after a while, making reading each week a bit tiresome.  But that’s only because the insanity of markets and policies can remain… well, insane, a lot longer than you can remain solvent.  So, despite the repetition of message, most all he’s been warning us about …

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