Flash Crash 2015 – HFTs at it again…

From ZeroHedge on High Frequency Traders:

Anyone who actually trades (and is not part of the Modern Market initiative) knows that this precisely what happens every time there is a spike in market vol: HFTs simply walk away leading to the dreaded “HFT STOP” moment, creating a feedback loop of even less liquidity, and even more volatility, until circuit breakers are finally hit or asset prices hit limits. Yesterday, for the first time in history, not only the S&P500, but the Nasdaq and the DJIA all hit their particular “limit down” triggers.

One of the fallacies being propagated about yesterday’s flash crash, is that somehow HFTs came riding in as noble white knights and rescued the market from a collapse instead of actually causing it. This particular lie is worth a few quick observations and explanations of what really happened.